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Cropwise Planting Service. Wider value in farming

Developed as a practical service to help growers with precision planting, Cropwise Planting Service will unhide and unlock the invisible potential of your fields and help to unleash the full potential of our seeds. With our deep knowledge about the response of hybrid seed genetics on different soils and in different climatic conditions, Cropwise Planting Service will help optimise your results on every square metre of your farm. It will help you make the best hybrid selection and calculate the optimal seed rates for every field to maximize yields and drive clear decision-making on farm for future growing seasons.

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Cropwise Planting Service

Powered by the best data, the Cropwise Planting Service will help increase yields and productivity and have a positive impact for your farm, by ensuring the best precision planting for every part of the field. And much more…


Close, trusted partnership when you need it most

We recognise the unique needs and challenges of your farm and field and will work with you to extract more out of every single seed. You get all the data, support and expertise throughout the planting and crop cycle to make the best decisions that puts you in control of getting more out of your fields. Cropwise Planting Service ensures a new level of partnership on farm and the service is delivered by your Syngenta Technical Sales representative for added re-assurance.


Digital technology into practice on farm

Cropwise Planting is an enabling technology for use in precision agriculture. Used together with your Syngenta Technical Sales representative, it provides valuable user-friendly help to drive decision-making, profitability and sustainability on the farm. Featuring innovative field mapping technology, Cropwise Planting uses a shorter technology-aided process to understand the optimal seed rates for your hybrid choice. This means you are always fully prepared for the season ahead with planting recommendations.


Technical advice always close at hand

The Cropwise Planting Service maximises the capability of the precision planter / drill and provides knowledge and technical advice to remove any uncertainty in adjusting the seed rate to fully utilise all the capabilities of the planter for the farm.


Utilising the best agronomics data

Cropwise Planting enables access to the better data on hybrid performance to help with input cost management for your fields. Its embedded technology for planting and seed rate recommendations can take account of specific agronomic parameters or challenges in the field to customise recommendations even further, for better yield gain in certain areas of the field and greater all round yield stability.


Exponential gain for sustainable growing

In the current environment where global supply costs are very high, the Cropwise Planting Service helps you better optimise input costs, reduces uncertainty and risk for greater peace of mind. By optimising inputs it contributes to better performance of the variety to improve farm productivity and ROI, and it helps you grow more sustainably.


Making decisions easier

The Cropwise Planting Service provides support for all your decisions on seed rate and planting for better time efficiency. Its understandable, data-driven recommendations put you in more control, helping drive decision support around the critical planting time window on farm. Enhancing the investment you made in precision agriculture equipment, by combining your knowledge of your fields with our knowledge about hybrid performance in different conditions to optimise your inputs more accurately and maximise your profitability.


Redefined value

• Better control over uncertainty • Flexibility and personalisation • More time efficiency on farm • Understandable and data-driven in partnership with Syngenta • Reassurance from more confident decision-making • Treating individual fields uniquely

Get the Cropwise Planting Service on your farm TO MAKE THE MOST FROM PRECISION AGRICULTURE