Cropwise Planting. Taking a closer look at the details of the Service

Customised precision planting, driven by competency, product knowledge and innovate technology provides the right detail for success in every field, to maximise farm productivity. The Cropwise Planting Service provides practical and understandable solutions that put you in control. Data driven planting recommendations provide more control over uncertainty and trust into the commercial benefits of variable seed rate applications. The Service includes 5 key elements:

Cropwise Planting RESULTS

Results from work done by Syngenta, indicate an expected +3-8% yield increase on average for growers using the Cropwise Planting Service; with higher-end yield benefits coming from fields with more in-field variability.


yield increase

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Get the Cropwise Planting Service on your farm TO MAKE THE MOST FROM PRECISION AGRICULTURE

Cropwise Planting – digital innovative technology to help growers achieve the best possible yields. Ask your local Syngenta team for more information.