A powerfully simple Digital Agriculture tool

Powerfully Simple

Cropwise Imagery by Syngenta Digital Ag
Cropwise Imagery by Syngenta Digital Ag

Powerfully Simple

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  • Simplicity in viewing Satellite Imagery
  • Scouting efficiency with a bird’s eye view
  • Easily prioritize critical areas
  • Promptly address and share field health issues
  • Straight-forward quantitative analytics

Create precise variable rate prescriptions.
Focus on the most important areas.
Monitor the same area over time for changes.
View Histograms, Time-series values, & Snapshots to see how the field's NDVI values changes.
Tag in-field areas with shareable pictures and text.
Enhanced visibility to the metrics you care about.
Cropwise Imager reporting dashboard

Your farm, in your hands

Imagery App

Cropwise Imagery App

  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Download images for offline use
  • Share important updates

Unlock your farm’s potential with

Planet Imagery

Planet Imagery by Syngenta Digital

  • 3.5 meter Resolution
  • Daily Frequency
  • Global Coverage

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