Seed Selector

Making the Right Decisions With Cropwise® Seed Selector

Choosing the Right Hybrid - A Difficult Challenge

With thousands of commercially available corn hybrids to choose from on the market, one of the main difficulties European growers face is choosing the best one for their needs. Syngenta® can help you meet this challenge head-on with our unique and differentiated hybrid seed recommendations.

What Sets us Apart?

Traditional ‘regional’ recommendations don’t always work and are not always relevant for specific circumstances. Instead, we believe the best recommendations are based on precision and experience, which is why Syngenta has developed Cropwise® Seed Selector.

Cropwise® Seed Selector is all about allowing growers to make more confident decisions by providing high-quality recommendations.

From our trials around Europe, we can give the best advice and solutions to growers for each individual field. Cropwise® Seed Selector does this by categorising each of our 50,000 trial locations by their environment, climate, soil and yield potential, so it can best meet the requirements for your own fields and farms.

The Importance of Trust and Experience

Our recommendations come tried and tested. Seed Selector’s application along with Syngenta’s on-farm technical sales reps have already collected plenty of valuable data over the last few seasons. With this data we have created hybrid recommendations on more than 5.2M ha of corn in Europe for more than 8,000 growers just like you!

Whilst growers receive many incentivised offers to buy certain hybrids, any short-term gains or savings in seed costs are quickly lost if hybrids are not well suited to specific conditions! This is why Cropwise® Seed Selector’s recommendations are built on data matching your local conditions and your fields.

As corn is planted just once a year, every farmer has a limited number of opportunities in their lifetimes to find the right hybrid for their field. We understand that each of these decisions is vital. Luckily seed selector is here to help you make the best planting decisions using Syngenta’s experience and technical resources.

Looking After all Growers

Larger farms will often try to ‘manage risk’ by planting different hybrids across their fields to compensate for any that don’t perform well. Smaller growers with just a handful of fields cannot easily manage plantings in this way, so are invariably exposed to higher risk throughout the growing season. In addition, they do not always get the technical agronomic advice they need either. Cropwise® Seed Selector allows us to bring our expertise directly to farmers, so no one misses out on the best agronomic advice and the best growing experience.

In choosing the right hybrid to plant on each field, you effectively reduce risks and variables which can make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful season. Cropwise® Seed Selector ensures sustainable seed recommendations with recommendations for stability and consistency in hybrid performance no matter the circumstances.

Cropwise® Seed Selector gives you the tools and knowledge to take on the season, no matter what the challenge is.

Make the best start to your season with Cropwise® Seed Selector. Years of experience and innovative technology, helping growers plant the right hybrids and optimising their yields.