Seed Selector

The Advantages of Cropwise® Seed Selector For Your Farm

Our Numbers Speak for Themselves

Syngenta® digital solutions already help service more than 50 million hectares over five continents around the world. Cropwise® Seed Selector offers data from more than 50,000 hybrid performance trials across Europe. Our Cropwise® Seed Selector platform alone uses more than 367,000 individual data point comparisons and 20 years of Meteorological data to form its personalised recommendations.

What Will Cropwise® Seed Selector Show Growers

You will be able to see why Cropwise® Seed Selector is recommending certain hybrids for your fields based on key inputs like historic weather patterns. In addition, Important information on environmental risks like drought are available for each field along with technical recommendations. There are also added features where you can review relevant trial data and compare the agronomic profiles of different hybrids!

After completion of the online process, the platform will recommend you a preferred hybrid along with 2 alternatives for each field and show agronomic profiles for these products.

The Knowledge and Science Behind our Recommendations

Cropwise® Seed Selector doesn’t just churn out an isolated recommendation for your fields. It also explains why it is recommending certain hybrids based on a diagnosis of 3 fundamental factors – environmental stress, soil conditions and the historical yield potential. Algorithms in Cropwise® Seed Selector then determine and create a performance score for each hybrid as well as a ranking using many thousands of data comparisons. This data can be accessed and viewed at any time.

Cropwise® Seed Selector is a tool for all growers, whether they are farming two fields or 200 fields. Agronomic inputs and sustainable practices are at the heart of the system to ensure the most reliable, technical, evidence-led recommendations.

Cropwise® Seed Selector will help you reduce risk and offer better performance by making it easier for you to make smarter agronomic planting decisions based on your fields and environment.

Over the years we have gathered plenty of experience from field trials to breeding programmes, to agronomy and on-farm experiments. All this knowledge is put into our seed recommendations for growers.

A Better All-Round Customer Experience

All farming is local, and digital solutions should be too. Here are 10 reasons why Cropwise® Seed Selector brings you the best recommendations and best user experience;

  1. Reassurance and optimal decision-making for your farm, all backed by Syngenta®’s knowledge and experience.
  2. More control over uncertainty (product choice, mitigating weather risks, crop performance.)
  3. Local insight and sound agronomy to ensure your seed recommendations make sense.
  4. Creating recommendations for multiple fields.
  5. Unrivalled data knowledge from many sources (R&D trials, commercial trials, official trials.)
  6. Matching digital innovation with remarkable farming experience for more accuracy.
  7. A better understanding of how hybrids react in different environments.
  8. Allowing you to make more confident decisions on your farm.
  9. Sustainable seed recommendations for all outcomes.
  10. Hybrid performance under variable climatic conditions to maximise your crop returns.